pow-cow blog - backed by science

By Niall Maloney 10/01/2017 08:22

Ever heard of the wonder berries that help you lose weight? The detox teas that cleanse your liver and make you look years younger? The powders that build such defined muscles that you’ll look like Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight?

We thought so. Unfortunately these claims just aren’t true. There is often very little research or science to back up these claims. They add a lot of confusion to healthy eating practices. 

The good news is that, in reality, eating healthy is simple. 

Pow-Cow uses only the highest quality of ingredients to make our frozen yogurt - and we back everything up with science!

We’ll never claim something that isn’t true or backed up by robust evidence. You won’t see statements about our frozen yogurt helping you develop superpowers, but you will see us singing the praises of dairy, live cultures and protein, and what these can do for your digestion, muscles and bones.