pow-cow blog - grass fed cows

By Niall Maloney 08/01/2017 06:22

At Pow-Cow we believe that great food starts with great ingredients, and great ingredients start with great farmers. That’s why we value farmers and dietitians who care.

And so, at Pow-Cow we are about real food values and we are about real nutrition.

We only source our dairy from farms that raise cows on the best pastures. We support non-intrusive farming methods and ensure that we only work with farmers who care as much about the environment and the cows as we do.

The natural farming process enhances the protein value in our frozen yogurt, ensuring that we produce a better tasting product with greater nutritional values than those found in many other high protein products.

Food provides a natural fuel, yet we believe that food should also be enjoyed. So, we are delighted to bring you a real food with a natural protein experience packed in. So go ahead, enjoy some Pow-Cow.